GunVault - Product reeks, company refuses to help

Not resolved

I recently purchased a GunSafe brand NV100 gun safe. As other reviewers on different sites have indicated, the foam in this safe reeks to high heaven of naphthalene (AKA mothballs).

I tried the Febreeze trick and leaving it in the sun, and two weeks later it still reeks. I purchased this item at a local retailer new, and thinking that the issue was a batch problem I decided to contact the manufacturer rather than return it to the retailer only to have the same problem. Upon speaking with a Tony Hernandez (who seems to be the only employee working the phones or the email system) he assured me that all I needed to do was email a copy of my receipt and he would send me a new safe. A week after I emailed the receipt I received a reply stating that the smell was not a defect and he could not replace the safe.

When I mentioned that the vapors could be hazardous and all I needed was new foam the response was "There is no way of knowing if that safe was new or preened (sic)..You need to understand that every company has policies and that you didn't purchased this from us. So there is no way we can help you out with that issue." Seems like the company policy is to not assist the customer in any way.

I will never purchase a product made by this company again, they have terrible customer service and don't care about the customer after they have your money. Otherwise the safe does as advertised, and if they can get the foam issue straightened out they will have a great little safe.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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